Star Cancer Care Gold

Star Cancer Care Gold

Star Cancer Care Gold

What is Special?An insurance cover for the First time in Indian Insurance History to Cancer affected lives.
What does it offer?I. A lumpsum benefit against the risk of recurrence / Spreading of Cancer (metastasis) / Second Cancer
(Second Malignancy) unrelated to previous Cancer.
II. The risk of non cancer related illnesses and accidents affecting the cancer survivors.
Who Can Buy?Persons diagnosed with Cancer (Stage 1 or Stage 2) and whose primary treatment is on/done.
Age At Entry05 Months to 65 years
Policy TypeIndividual
Sum Insured Options3 Lac and 5 Lac – Sum Insured change not allowed
Policy Term1 year – Life Long Renewals Guaranteed
Policy Benefits
Section – 1Lumpsum Benefit – When there is a recurrence / Metastasis and / or a Second Cancer
For 3 Lac SI – Rs. 150000 & For 5 Lac SI – Rs. 250000
Section – 1IIndemnity Cover – Surgical and Interventional Theraphy – For non – Cancer Treatments
For 3 Lac SI – Rs. 100000 & For 5 Lac SI – Rs. 150000 – Per Policy Year
Section – 1IIIndemnity Cover – Non Surgical and Non Interventional Theraphy
For 3 Lac SI – Rs. 50000 & For 5 Lac SI – Rs. 100000 – Per Policy Year
Room Rent LimitSingle Standard A/C Room for both Section 2 and Section 3 Benefits
Professional FeeSurgeon, Anasthetist, Medical Practioner, Consultant, Specialists Fee – Actuals
Other Medical ExpensesAnasthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Expenses, Medicines, Drugs, Diagnostic Expenses, etc – Actuals
Road Ambulance ChargesRs. 1500 per hospitalisation & Rs. 2000 per Policy Period
Pre-Hospitalisation ExpensesCovered for 30 days prior to Hospitalisation – Actuals
Post-Hospitalaisation ExpensesCovered for 60 days from the Date of Discharge – Actuals
Day Care Procedures CoverageALL Day Care Procedures Covered
Policy Continuity – After Sec. 1 BenefitPolicy Will continue for Section 2&3 Benefits for remaining policy term
Policy Renewal – After Sec. 1 BenefitGuaranteed renewal for Section 2&3 Benefits @ a lower premium
Pre-Medical Screening?No. Medical Check NOT required
Waiting Periods
a.For Cancer (Sec1)30 Months from Inception of Star Cancer Care Gold
b. For treatment of non-cancer
illnesses/accident (Sec – 2&3)
30 days WaitingDisease/Illness contracted during first 30 days since inception will not be covered
24 Months WaitingSpecified Illness/Diseases liks – Cataract, Stone removal, Cyst removal, Organ Transplation etc
48 Months WaitingPre-Existing Diseases (Other than Cancer) – Declared, Accepted and Endorsed in Policy
Copay10% on admissible Claims under Section 2&3 for insured more than 60 years of age at entry level
Sum Insured
(section I Benefit)
(section I Benefit)
3 lakh5 Lkah3Lakh5Lakh
more than 60yrs23200351001805026500

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