Bank Exam – Jobs, Salary, allowances & Promotions

Bank Exam – Jobs, Salary, allowances & Promotions

Bank Exam Job Salary allowance

Bank Exam Job Salary allowance

Introduction Of Bank Job

The banking professionals field is increasing the demand day by day, because of the developments and the opening of new banks. The concerns have started to understand the importance of the banking sector. There are several advantages ad benefits of banking jobs and choosing them as your career has many positives.

Advantages of Bank Jobs

More MNC’s are coming in the market, more requirement hiring for banking professionals. Increment and Promotions of the higher position professionals and pay packages for the freshers with the increasing privatization. The banking industry needs candidates from different fields. they need not hire those candidates with the high knowledge, yet they need to have enough knowledge. Candidates who performing well in the banking activities will get international and national exposure.
There will be chances of higher growth. Organization will provide the right platform for professional. The banking career can incorporate many opportunities, like a bank employee specialises in HR and taxation, accountancy, law, media relations, public relations.

Government Jobs

The government board consists of nominees who are experts in different and several fields, from Ministry of Finance of Government of India, Reserve Bank of India, academic institutions. representatives of public sector banks, Insurance and The policy and affairs are vested in the governing board.

The Common Written Evaluation (CWE) is conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a must for each and everyone who wants a job in any Regional Rural Banks public sector and in posts varies from a clerk, management trainee, and probationary officer. The applicants are invited from candidates who are eligible for its exams and the website is organized through online mode at various locations all around India.
According to the statistics from the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection website, in last three years, the maximum applications have been received for the IBPS – CWE Exam is 1,22,18,733 applications. The second position is conducted by public sector banks is 99,53,863 applications are received. These will clearly indicate the importance of the IBPS exams and their popularity between the applicants.

Job Profile

First of all Bank Clerk needs to contact for inquiries & guidance to the customers of every bank. Being as a is Clerk you will be well trained for some or all of the following duties in the training period like SINGLE WINDOW OPERATOR, HEAD CASHIER (HC), SPECIAL ASSISTANTS (SA) and etc..,

The duties following a part of the normal duties of a Bank Clerk like cash payment drafts and receipt of cheques.

The head cashier’s duties are holding the cash of bank, keys of the bank and other such valuables in safe custody.

The duties of special Assistants is checking the work of sub staff, and other clerks. he/she is responsible for their department.

IBPS Allowances of Clerk:

1. Dearness Allowance:

For every 3 month DA is adjusted i.e Quarterly increment in DA .The DA will be changed according to the CPI.So Based on CPI declared by the banks, the DA can change according to CPI.

2. House Rent Allowance:

We all know that rent of house will varies in different types of cities. According to this HRA is given as per the city of posting.
For metro cities, HRA will be 8.50% of Basic Pay.
For cities with population 5 lacs, HRA will be 7.50% of Basic Pay.
For any other metro cities, HRA will be 6.50% of Basic Pay

3. Medical Allowance:

Medical allowance is fixed at Rs. 20,000 is paid per annum.

4. Conveyance allowance :

It is paid for traveling between office and home.
And finally, we will get 20 – 30% of increment in the basic pay.

Salary of Bank Clerk
The Salary of Bank Clerk is Rs 11,765 – Rs 42,020.
The Basic is Rs 11,765
After 1 year increment will be provided

The Scope of Promotion for IBPS Clerk:
IBPS Clerk will permanent after 6 months of service.
After few years, they will become eligible for a promotional exam.If they clear this exam they may become a Trainee Officer.
After he reaches the level of PO, all the promotion will be same of a PO.