Employment and Study Policy

Employment and Study Policy

The policy is designed for Indian Citizens temporarily posted abroad in a sedentary non-manual work or students prosecuting studies or engaging in research activities abroad.

The new scheme is on a world-wide basis including US/Canada and comprises four sections as below:

Sub-Section A Medical expenses incurred in respect of disease/injury contracted/sustained during the policy period:
  1. Under the policy
  2. 52 weeks after the onset of injury/sickness
  3. 12 weeks after the expiration date of the Insurance
Sub-Section B If the insured person is evacuated to India, the insurers will pay medical expenses in India, as provided under Sub-Section A above and, in addition, but within the overall limit of USD 5,00,000.
Sub-Section C Repatriation and Alternative Expenses: In the event of the death of an insured person, the insurers will pay the actual expenses for preparation and transportation to India of the remains of the insured person or funeral expenses incurred in the country of posting not exceeding USD 8,000 in total.
Sub-Section D Medical Emergency Reunion Expenses up to USD 5,000 in all when, as a result of a covered injury or sickness, the insured person is hospitalised and it is agreed by all parties that the insured person shall be medically evacuated to India as soon as possible. The insurer will pay upon the recommendation and prior approval of the Claims

Administrator the following expenses incurred in respect of travel by the mother or father or guardian or spouse:

The cost of an economy to and fro air ticket for one person from India to the airport serving the area, where the insured person is hospitalised.

Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred in relation to emergency reunion.

The proposal form, underwriting procedure, policy exclusions and so on are more or less similar to overseas medical scheme for business or holiday.

The scheme may include add-on covers as follows:

  1. Loss of checked baggage (limit USD 1,000)
  2. Delayed baggage (limit of USD 100) (outbound flight)