IIT Engineering Job, Placement & Salary

IIT Engineering Job, Placement & Salary

IIT Engineering Job, Placement & Salary


First, of all, we must know that winning is not that everything. Sometimes it is the way of the journey which teaches you more than the destination itself. It would happen that you may not clear the exam but it will teach you many things. You will love the good results that hard work can give, you will feel absolutely competition, there will be many incidents when you will exceed your own limit of hard work in that 2 years. These things will give you a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

If your justice your stay in an IIT, you will be placed in a good concern with good salary package, which most Indians know what is IIT. people will say that IITians are not different, and they are there just because one exam. We are not different at the time of entering into an IIT definitely are different at the time of when the graduate from here. If these 4 years of stay are used in the good path you will notice more positive changes in you.

IIT Engineer Only

Let’s see why the title IIT engineers only first. Why not other courses? good! The answer to this question is simple, it has to do with the good attitude of our society.The people of IIT engineers has made a symbol of social status. It’s the parent is more than children, who take pride in being parents of IITians. They feel their social status has gone up as their children are studying in IITs.IIT are premier institutions in pioneering technology. even the government of India takes pride in IITs. Therefore, engineers from IITs are especially compared to other engineers.

IIT Information of Placements

Engineering candidates of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are winning job offers with good salaries that are up to more than 15% last year at the annual placements that began on 1st of December, said officials at these institutions, pointing the better hiring sentiment. At IIT Kharagpur, Bombay, Roorkee , and Kanpur, around 30-40% of the candidates won the job offers by the end of the 3rd day of the job placement, the officials said that on condition of anonymity. The record of last year for us with over 1,000 candidates placed in the phase 1 itself. We expect this year to be even better, Now more than 500 have already placed in just three days a candidate coordinator said at IIT Bombay’s placement cell, who are declined to be identified. The coordinator did not reveal salary packages received by the candidates but he said that there has been a marginal increment of around 5-10% over last year. More than Thousand two hundred final years of engineering candidates at IIT Bombay are participating in the placement season that will continue until the date of 22 December.

Professional Job

Large global financial and IT companies are dominated the first week of placements, with some large start-ups. While MNC’s companies such as Microsoft, Google, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse have grabbed some of the top talents in the first two days, big start-ups like Ola, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are not far behind. Apart from the huge demand of placements software engineers know that for non-technical job profiles such as business analysts, data analysts, and operational managers from organization across sectors. IIT Bombay has already received more than five hundred job offers, while another premier IITs, including Roorkee, Kharagpur, and Kanpur have got more than three hundred offers. On the first day itself, hundred job offers were made to students of IIT Madras.

Salary Package

If you choose this competitive course minimum salary you earn is 10lakhs to 15 lakhs According to Babu Vishwanath, placement advisor at IIT Madras, pay packages have reached $120,000, particularly from global IT companies. However, the institute has put on hold its job placement activity due to heavy rains in the city. IIT Delhi has declined to provide details of the job offers & placements received so far. At IIT Roorkee, more than 90% of candidates placed have received salary packages between Rs.15 lakh to Rs.20 lakh in a year. Professor in charge, of training and placement office in IIT Roorkee, said that it had received nearly three offers by the end of the third day, and it took four days to cross the figure in last year. At the last 48 hours, we have received a number of job offers. It crossed our expectation in this year. We are seeing an increment in the average salary packages above 10-15% as compared to last year.” All over if you finished it you get salary up to 15 lakhs.

Advantages of IIT

1. IIT Candidates are in the premier institute that our country has.

2. IIT will earn respect from your surrounding people.

3. IIT Candidates are studying some of the best brains in our country.

4. IIT Candidates will get the chance to learn many things from them.

5. IIT Candidates is not only about doing well in engineering and in the research but also in learning

management, finance, social skills,etc.We have many skills to organize about IItians.

6.IIT Candidates will get many good facilities such as high-speed LAN, DC++ ,high quality labs

and computer center,air conditioned lecture halls, wi-fi enabled campus, of its own,etc.

7.IIT Candidates will also benefit in private restaurants the 10-15% discount, free consultation of



So I will say, go for that IIT of preparation, because its outcome gives the good result. it is the good path of your life.