Is your Son/Daughter Score Less- Guide to Score More Marks

Is your Son/Daughter Score Less- Guide to Score More Marks

Is your Son/Daughter Score Less- Guide to Score More Marks

Is your Son/Daughter Score Less- Guide to Score More Marks

1. Make Your Child Understand Why Get Good Scores

You need to make your children understand the importance of scoring good marks

in terms they understand. Scoring good marks will help in admission into a good school / university in future. Parents should work to benefit your children. Parent must find it challenging to motivate and encourage your son / daughter for scoring good grades. here You can find top 10 strategies which help your child to improve scoring skills.

2. Encourage Your Students

Praise your child for his /her well and good things. If you do that definitely your

children’s feel good among themselves, they will do their best. The Children who are afraid of tests will become anxious when taking tests and more make mistakes. So encourage till the last time of the exam so that they can do their best. Acknowledge your child and parents are supposed to hang their children’s work on a wall so that the positive reinforcement motivates and encourages your child.

3. Be with your Children

It does not matter how much busy you are, if you not able to help daily in your child homework at least make sure that the child is under your control and keep an eye what is he/she is doing in their school and in home give sincere involvement in your child studies and pay attention at least thrice in a week. Conduct test what he\she read in each and every subject.

4. Be volunteer in Children’s school

You must attend the Parents -Teachers meeting to check your child progress and you need to discuss any problems and complaints about your child it helps you to focus on your child and you may know on which stage is your child. Ask the teacher to conduct the weekly test and to give home activities for your child to do at home parents and teachers should help the child is always prepared for tests. Parents and Teachers should work together for the best result of the student.

5. A Place With Good Atmosphere For Studying

You need to provide a pleasant, quiet and comfortable place at home for studying.

Set a room for your child where your child can concentrate only on his studies and

schoolwork without any noise such as Radio and television don’t because without

these such sounds your child concentrates only on his studies without any

disturbance and remember that the concentration will improve test skills.

6. If Needed Get A Tutor

Have a friendly move with your child ask he/she if they need tuition and don’t wait

for the worse time reach them early and see if hey need the help of an external tutor for helping them in studies parents sometimes will not be strict with children

and you have to agree that. Don’t be anxious about the test grades that will freak

your children out. If your child is not scored good marks don’t judge them in a

single test that is not an exact measure of what he/she can do. The tutor will

discuss the problem why they scores is less and they interact with students and

they work together.

7.Rest and Regular test

Without rest, the child cannot concentrate in studies well and good as he/she get tired while opening the book they will not able to pay attention, and they will not focus on a test. Make sure that children have a good sleep before their exams and before starting study daily in the evening always your child should be energetic to boost his/her concentration.

8. External Knowledge and Balanced Diet

Reading magazines and new books to increase their general knowledge so that they will read new words. Ask the teachers to read the list of a public library. And one more important thing is there that is a healthy food to your child because the healthy body that leads to fresh and healthy mind, and the same wise keep an eye on nutrition needs of your children this is a good way that helps to boost your children’s brain.