Online Education Advantages

Online Education Advantages

Online Education Advantages

Online Education Advantages

Online Test Important Advantages


The word competition has more meaning now than the past. In India Crores of students coming out every year in seeking the job. But the job creation is in a slow phase or no growth. You need to have stronger knowledge next year than this year. So, Better you have to get a secured job as early as possible. For that, you need a good platform like We elaborated at the bottom about the features in detail.

Answer Sheet Corrections – a lengthy process

In the pen and paper based examination for the course, candidates will be given a question paper with questions are in the language English and Hindi. An OMR sheet will be provided where the candidate will have to mark the correct answer by filling in the bubble. Then the examiner has to correct the OMR sheets and the same need to be handed over to the students to know correct answers. But many corrected papers not reaching students. Even many preparatory exam papers are not corrected by the tutors. This is a very big disadvantage for the students.

Immediate result – Never a possibility by offline mode

Offline preparatory test results take more time. Time is precious in competitive exams, Students are progressing every day to confirm their success by taking up online test. The online test result is a click of the button.

Knowing Solutions – Boosts Your Strength

Practising by writing test is important and knowing answers for the wrong answers answered by you is much more important. You must know the steps and procedures involved in the problem-solving, which boost your confidence and strengthen your knowledge. Which shouldn’t take time and you must immediately after the test. That is only possible by the online mock test.

Travel – Time is precious

Travelling and relocating yourself for the competitive exam is a very old process. Now a days Travelling expenses, tuition fees, rent cost, food, Maintenance expenses are huge . Comparatively, online preparatory tests cost very very low.

Time restrictions

Tutoring classes are time restricted may be 2 days a week and few hrs. in these days, that is not at all enough. whenever you feel to study that time classes won’t be available. Solutions are elaborated neatly for your convenience. You can review it anytime. You can compare your previous results.

Reviewing Your Results – Increases Memory

In Online test, Reviewing results is automated which fetches more details about the individual chapters weakness, that chapter you can give more importance. Unfortunately, most and none of the coaching centres and tutor will tell you the area of weakness.

Repeating Practice Test – Increases score in the final exam.

None of the coaching centres are repeating the tests, Once again seeing the same question makes you, to recall the answer, and that became revision. The first time you might be answered wrongly, But now you won’t make that mistake. Which helps you to increase the score. This is only possible in Dreamz Academy’s Online Test.

You are Independent – Analyse your performance

In Tests are split into 30min, 1hr, 2hrs practice tests and full model tests. So, You can very well analyse your performance. Compare your previous test with recent one. Check where you are lagging and prepare those in particular and increase your strength.

Any device – Anywhere – Anytime

Dreamz Academy website is responsive and user-friendly. You can write test using laptop, desktop, Tab or Mobile. You use our website on travelling or in the garden or wherever you want. Our website is available all 365days with number one hosting server.

Why Offline Preparatory test fails?


Immediate result




time restrictions



Not a independent



any device anywhere anytime

Forum discussion

Experts advise

Nowadays students are writing the exam in offline mode but there is no value for that exam. There is one big disadvantage in OMR sheet, if you answered once again you cannot strike and mark another answer. In that OMR sheet, it should be marked once. You need to mark very accurately in the bubble. But in online mode, you can change your answer by clicking that question.

Offline Education Teachers

Teacher is not able to focus more attention on particular students

they will get more time to understand the students they will not take care of any student. There will not any private talking between students and teachers in offline mode there will be very noise in offline classes. They will not take care of each and every single student. They will not provide proper guidelines for the students.

Disadvantages of Offline Mode

* Offline Mode education is not completely an independent way of learning.

* For every detail the students should tend overly to dependent on the teacher for each and every doubt.

*In the offline mode of education if there is no school or educational institution in near the student must take care of travel and accommodation expenses etc. If there are expenses in offline education then it’s better to take online education.

*The studies for the students is only for fixed timings. It can be conducted only in classroom timings there is no comfortable with timings.

* In offline mode the chances are less in exploring and finding more things among themselves always they should dependent on their teachers.

Online Education Advantages

1. Whatever you want you can learn it through online

3. You have comfort with online, because you can learn any time, there are no time restrictions

4. Lower cost

5. Online education will give you the real world skills

6. It haves the financial benefits

7. It teaches the students to be self-disciplined

8. Online education links you with all over the world

9. Online education offers more individual attention.

10. Online education will expert you and you can earn high score.

11. There are many mock tests are available in online without using paper and pen.

12. Institutes will not take care of each and every student and they will not give you the test practices through online.


I hope that you will understand what are the difficulties in offline education so always the students should go with online education because you will be independent and you can do whatever and whenever you want to do in studies. So all the student should take online education for their career.

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