Study Method – Learning Process Guide

Study Method – Learning Process Guide

Study Method - Learning Process Guide

Study Method – Learning Process Guide

1. Keeping a Study Schedule

First, maintain a schedule for certain hours of your child for each and every day for studying. Keep and maintain the study faithfully from day-to-day. The time needed for the study will vary for subject and skills. Make a plan and ask your child to understand and study. Spend two hours of study for each and every subject going to class is beginning, the real study work starts at home only.

2. Provide homework environment.

Make sure that your child has all the tools to do his/her best – a chair, a desk, Be sure your child has all the tools needed to do his or her best – a chair, a desk and necessary things like pencils, pens, paper, calculators, compasses, computers, rulers, protractors, paper clips, notepads, etc. And the most important thing to work in quiet place.

3. Highlighting Important Keywords

Ask your child to Underline or highlight the important points or keywords in the paragraph text, so that can be spotted out easily at the time revision. It helps to make notes in pencil in the margin in your own words to summarize or comment on important points. By doing this you can quickly review the subject which you have a study at the time of the exam.

4. Take good Notes:

Ask your child to make the best notes in which they study. So that you can catch important information easily. Taking notes in class will force you to stay alerted and pay attention to class so that You can collect all the important information. Try to write down as much as you can. It also helps to keep from falling asleep. rewrite every note at home by this process of writing your notes is the more active approach for studying.

5. Group Study and Meditation

Studying in a group can help you collect insights to develop your learning experience. Our Groups study helps you to share and discuss ideas and interact with members of your group. You can clear your queries and doubts with your group members. And the another important thing is Meditation Whenever you child goes for study ask them to do meditation so that you will stay focused and concentration will increase in what you do not only that it also reduces your stress and tension and improve you mental and physical heath.
6. Some of the tips

1. Instead of Re – reading a book you can test yourself before an exam repeatedly teaches the brain to retrieve all things and get knowledge from you brain memory. This way is more efficient and effective than re-reading a textbook.

2. Learn the same information in different ways.

3. Study all subjects for each and every day, instead of focusing on one or two subjects.

4.Empowering Students To Be Happy & Successful

5. Study multiple subjects each and every day, for focusing on just one or two subjects.

6. Regain the study material periodically, instead of cramming

7. Sit on the front bench of the class.

8. Don’t multitask.

9. Frequently test yourself.

10.Connect what you’re learning with something you already know.

11.Read keywords from a book aloud.

12.Take breaks while studying.

13.Encourage yourself at the end of each and every study.

14. Don’t focus on the outcome focus only in process.

15.Drink minimum eight glasses of water per day.

16. Always learn with understanding.

17. Ask your child Study with goal oriented, so you will get the success.


I hope this article will help your child to study in the right way.