Why is LIC investment having an advantage?

Why is LIC investment having an advantage?

Do you know the money requirement after few years?

Why is LIC investment having an advantage? – Cost of Idli in 1995 is Rs.0.50, in 2000 it’s Rs. 2.00, In 2017 the same is around Rs.10 and the same after 10+ years, it will be Rs. 20 or more. Similarly, all the cost of the product and services are kept on increasing. To manage the expenses of the future, one has to save money in a secured company. Your family needs the huge amount of money in the future to live the comfortable life.

Primary education cost has gone from few thousands to lakhs in recent years. Cost of higher education also gone high, For example, medical education(MBBS) Rs. 1Crore or so. To meet the expenses of the future, save money every month in a disciplined manner or invest lumpsum amount once to get the better return in the future. one day that will be huge. So, That will be a fantastic opportunity for your child to get a better education comfortably. Better education from a reputed Institutions is vital for your child’s future.

What is the solution for this?

Difference between bank and LIC

1.Regular investment

Investment can be made monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly based on your comfort in LIC. Return on your investment in compounding. So, Enjoy the power of compounding.

2. One-time investment

Invest once get a better return, with risk cover and tax exemptions.

Why do you have to invest in LIC?

1.The only insurer in India Guaranteed by Government of India.

2. Pre-approved loan from your LIC policy. You can pay your loan at any time at your convenience.

3. You can use LIC policy as collateral for Business and Housing Loan.

4. Only company trusted by 30 crore people of India.

5.You can get the service anywhere in India, as LIC having 2048 Branches, 2500+ mini offices to serve the customers.

6. You will get not only saving, But LIC also proving the Insurance cover to secure the family in a life risk.

7. Double tax benefit – Save tax(80C, 80D) on all your investment and also return on your investment is not taxable.

8. Money back – Get periodical money back from LIC to fund Business, Education, Marriage, and Retirement.

9. Level Premium – due to inflation or rupee depreciation, your premium won’t change.

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