Why is the Waking Up Early Better than Staying Late in the Night?

Why is the Waking Up Early Better than Staying Late in the Night?

Why is the Waking Up Early Better than Staying Late in the Night? – Make A Routine Life

Why is the Waking Up Early Better than Staying Late in the Night?

Why is the Waking Up Early Better than Staying Late in the Night?

Get your child involved in planning the routine. Teach them what they need to do in the morning and how to think for getting ready. This should open them up to the idea of a routine.

The important thing for your child is waking early and getting a child up and out of the house quickly as much as possible in the morning is to make what you do in routine. the child should able to expect exactly when will happen and what. children should able to do things in same order. This kind of attitude keeps them focused on what they’re doing and reduce the resistance for which they spending time.

Sleep Schedule Adjustment for Your Child.

One of the ways to make your mornings less rushed time is to adjust your child’s sleeping schedule. Ask them to sleep earlier and wake them up early in the morning. This will give you extra time in the morning so that you will have the time for teaching the studies and you can easily get them ready. You should wake – up earlier before they waking in the morning by doing this thing you can almost complete your work before they waking. Then you can completely focus on revising their lessons in what they studied in the evening. keeping them on track and helping them through their own morning routine. One more important thing is To Keep in mind that children need more sleep than adults. Kids need to get 10 hours of sleep until they reach age 12. After 12 years, they can be slowly reduced sleep time to an adult time. Less time may be available for the students studying of 10th std maths and 12th std maths.

Be encouraging during the wake-up process itself.

Set a clock alarm. The alarm should have a noticeable ring, without not deafening. Set it for the wake-up time they need to get up and just put it on their bed when it rings. Shake them and say, it’s Time to get up. Use your child name and say anything specific and ideally, fun that is going to happen on that day, like an activity in a class. Switch on the television keeps louder that the talk will disturb their sleep but not so loud that it’s going to hurt their ears or annoy the neighbors. Switch on the lights on and pull the cover off of them. Help them wake up from the bed, gently.

Go to sleep on time.

Once you have set your alarm clock, practice to sleep at the time in the nights you’ve set for yourself, even on the weekends. Don’t practice to sleep later in the night. Sleep early in the night and get early in the mornings. Before you go to sleep you need to take your dinner early. Take your dinner 2-3 hours before the bedtime. It’s easier to wake up early if you’ve slept well in the night before. don’t eat a lot in the late night, because it can make sleep difficult because food takes the time to digest.

Why is the Waking Up Early Better than Staying Late in the Night?- Advantages of Waking Early In The Morning

  1. By getting early your child gets time to spend in any other work like revising, doing exercise and in other activities.

  2. Your child can get ready and go to schools or colleges without any tension you will have a pleasant day.

  3. Your child can develop the positive mental attitude

  4. Your child will get time to take your breakfast early without skipping

  5. Your child will focus your mind on whatever you do.

  6. Your child will get a healthier feel and good atmosphere around you.

  7. Your child will feel more energetic.

  8. Your child will not be depressed for anything

  9. Your child work schedule until the end of the day becomes much easier.

  10. It helps to your child in sharpening our eyes and also keeps our clean daily, by reducing the toxicity of your child body.

  11. Your child can focus on early morning meditation and that has great effects. It keeps our mind clean and clear.

  12. It increases your child’s level of concentration or focus. And it is especially good for students.

Some of the Important Tips

  • Set the alarm 20 minutes before you wake up earlier in the morning so that you can wake up without being late.

  • Alarms are good friends for waking up your child in the morning if you remember to set them!

  • Allow yourself to sleep earlier in the night. You might be used to staying up late, like, watching TV or surfing the Internet or spending your time in using mobile phones.

  • Avoid late night sleep